new site!

let’s try this again….you can now find me at where i will hopefully blog more than once every eight months…


wow…time sure does fly

really? it’s been 8 months since I’ve posted? I guess I just got a little discouraged there. I had purchased housing and only after three months, the company disappeared. I tried repeatedly to get refunded, but never heard back from the company, so I kinda lost interest. but I’ve been thinking about it alot lately, so I am going to try again.

sxsw just ended. it was crazy fun. I am basically a shut in, so it’s against every bone in my body to be going out so much. we had (at different times) five people staying with us. now it’s time to try to get back to normal. I ned to clean the house,  but now our washer is broken. how sucky 😦

saw hunx and his punx I believe five times and shannon and the clams four times (i need to go back and check). boy, I never get tired of seeing either of them live. it was a fun show at trailer space records on wednesday night!

also, I meet my first love, paul reubens! we passed edgar wright and doug benson walking down red river, we got to see stand up by thomas lennon, eugene mirman, michael ian black, dave foley & aziz ansari (for free!) and I got to stand five feet away from michael cera for an hour *sigh*.

next year, I will take the full week off from work and workout for a month beforehand (to condition my lazy self) AND find a super comfortable pair of shoes!

oh, also….

i had to put working on my backpack tote on hold. my friend, who is getting married in less than two weeks, needed some little owls sewn up for decorations at her reception, so that is what is being done right now.

thread tension problems

i’ve FINALLY gotten over being afraid to touch my machine and started cutting out some fabric the other day to work on the wristlets previously mentioned here.

well, i started to get upset because my tension did not look right and i checked and rechecked that i was threading it right, tried different spools, just anything i could think of….

and then it started to get worse. i was so MAD! i paid so much for this machine and this is how you choose to treat me??? well, of course i should’ve figured it was a <user error>. this time, i took a big breath and S-L-O-W-L-Y threaded both the bobbin and the main thread. lol. i don’t know how i missed this, BUT i had been putting my bobbin in the wrong way AND missing a tiny little groove in there and voila! easy peasy, we’re finally back in business.

may the shitty sewing and long periods of unuse begin!

renegade craft fair

A and i attended this event at the Palmer Events center and i was floored! i wasn’t too sure what to expect, but o my god, i super regretted not stopping by an atm before hitting the place…there were so many great tshirt designs and silk screened posters and demos and freebies….

magnolia photo booth had a setup were we took some pictures (you can view ALL photos that were taken that weekend here: Day 1 and Day 2). A was sick on sunday, but we sneaked by the fair again to pick up all the stuff we missed the first day (pictures and links to come later as well). ok…i’m at lunch right now, so i can update a bit. i got this SUPERCUTE bunny shirt from gnome enterprises:

A also got this shirt for me from nakatomi:

the only problem is that it’s a guy shirt, so i’ll have to alter it. boo! A got this shirt from loyalty & blood: (eh, it’ll have to come later…there’s not a picture of  it online). (to be finished later….lunch time is officially O-V-E-R!) 😦