renegade craft fair

A and i attended this event at the Palmer Events center and i was floored! i wasn’t too sure what to expect, but o my god, i super regretted not stopping by an atm before hitting the place…there were so many great tshirt designs and silk screened posters and demos and freebies….

magnolia photo booth had a setup were we took some pictures (you can view ALL photos that were taken that weekend here: Day 1 and Day 2). A was sick on sunday, but we sneaked by the fair again to pick up all the stuff we missed the first day (pictures and links to come later as well). ok…i’m at lunch right now, so i can update a bit. i got this SUPERCUTE bunny shirt from gnome enterprises:

A also got this shirt for me from nakatomi:

the only problem is that it’s a guy shirt, so i’ll have to alter it. boo! A got this shirt from loyalty & blood: (eh, it’ll have to come later…there’s not a picture of  it online). (to be finished later….lunch time is officially O-V-E-R!) 😦


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