thread tension problems

i’ve FINALLY gotten over being afraid to touch my machine and started cutting out some fabric the other day to work on the wristlets previously mentioned here.

well, i started to get upset because my tension did not look right and i checked and rechecked that i was threading it right, tried different spools, just anything i could think of….

and then it started to get worse. i was so MAD! i paid so much for this machine and this is how you choose to treat me??? well, of course i should’ve figured it was a <user error>. this time, i took a big breath and S-L-O-W-L-Y threaded both the bobbin and the main thread. lol. i don’t know how i missed this, BUT i had been putting my bobbin in the wrong way AND missing a tiny little groove in there and voila! easy peasy, we’re finally back in business.

may the shitty sewing and long periods of unuse begin!


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