thread tension problems

i’ve FINALLY gotten over being afraid to touch my machine and started cutting out some fabric the other day to work on the wristlets previously mentioned here.

well, i started to get upset because my tension did not look right and i checked and rechecked that i was threading it right, tried different spools, just anything i could think of….

and then it started to get worse. i was so MAD! i paid so much for this machine and this is how you choose to treat me??? well, of course i should’ve figured it was a <user error>. this time, i took a big breath and S-L-O-W-L-Y threaded both the bobbin and the main thread. lol. i don’t know how i missed this, BUT i had been putting my bobbin in the wrong way AND missing a tiny little groove in there and voila! easy peasy, we’re finally back in business.

may the shitty sewing and long periods of unuse begin!


my juki

the minute i got my tax refund money, i ordered a juki f600. i had been considering purchasing a janome 1000cpx, but when i saw what they were running and around that time, the boards over at were on fire about the new juki home sewing machines. so i found a really good price for one at a dealer about two hours away from me.

i ordered it and literally the next day, an hour before i got out of work, it was delivered AND LEFT at my apartment door. needless to say, i nearly had a heart attack wondering if someone would try to walk off with it before i could manage to get home. luckily, my sister had got off work early due to a dr’s appt and was on her way home and brought it in for me. whew!

unfortunately, i didn’t have my camera with me so i didn’t get any pictures of the unboxing of it. i was so excited because it was such a big purchase for me that after that day and cleaning up and rearranging my sewing area, i didn’t touch it for almost a month! 😦

so last week, i actually sat down and sewed a little wristlet that came out HORRIBLE! all i keep telling myself is: keep trying, no matter how shitty everything is looking, you’ll get better at it! it took me about three years to actually get knitting down. i was so bad at it, that i would stop and never finish anything. but just within the last six months, i’ve been seeing projects through and i’m getting way better! 🙂

coming up: pictures of my sewing area